Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Man in the Mirror event impact my men?

All too often, men gather for a big, exciting event, only to return to work on Monday with no next step in their discipleship journey. While our desire is to help you create value among your men through a dynamic men’s event, we also want to show you how to capture that momentum through follow-up small groups.

As men get into the Word of God and into relationship with other men, we believe God will sustain the change that is taking place in his heart, mind, and life. We refer to this plan as the Create-Capture-Sustain engine that fuels growth.

How long is an event?

Man in the Mirror events are approximately six hours long (Rock Solid Men is closer to seven hours) and typically take place on a Friday night and Saturday morning or all day on Saturday. They may also be adapted for a weekend retreat.

Who presents the event?

There are a number of speaker options available to you. “In-house” options might include a men’s ministry leader, a pastor, or a gifted lay person. We equip them to present by providing speaker outlines, PowerPoint presentation templates, and videos to help them prepare.

You might also ask your Man in the Mirror Area Director to present. If he happens to be unavailable, Man in the Mirror has a team of qualified speakers, available upon request.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an event will vary depending on the estimated size of attendance and whether you use a Man in the Mirror speaker or one of your own. Click here to see detailed pricing information. Regardless of the format, it is designed to break even financially and we provide a worksheet to help you determine your ticket price. The event materials may be paid for by card or check.

What does the church receive?

By mail, you will receive outlines for notetaking during the event and workbooks for follow-up groups after the event. After scheduling your event, your Man in the Mirror Area Director will reach out to you to provide digital access to the planning manual, speaker preparation tools, and promotional graphics.

Will it help us get men into small groups?

On average, churches that do a Man in the Mirror event see more than two-thirds of attendees join follow-up groups BEFORE they leave the event, resulting in ongoing discipleship. We’ll show you how, using a simple strategy!

Will men have an opportunity to hear the central message of the gospel?

Each of our events include a presentation of the good news of Jesus, an encouragement to trust in him, and a time of prayer.

What events do I have to choose from?

We offer three standard events: Rewired, Rock Solid Men, and The Playbook. We offer a separate online format for  Success That Matters.

How far in advance should I schedule our event?

Your team should reserve an absolute minimum of two months to plan and promote your event effectively. Three to four months is recommended.

I’m in! How can we be as effective as possible?

Working closely with your Man in the Mirror Area Director as you follow the planning manual will help you be effective as you pray, promote, plan, and present.

What’s our church’s next step?

Read through the available Events and decide which one is right for your men. Then you may either request a free information packet about the event or if you’re ready to schedule, review Pricing, as well as the Terms and Conditions.

Once you’ve scheduled your event or requested more information, begin working with your Area Director. If you aren’t currently working with an Area Director, contact the home office at (407) 472-2100 or and we will help you get connected with one.

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