The Fine Print

The Scheduling Process

The Scheduling Fee in its entirety—plus shipping and handling—is due to Man in the Mirror (MIM) at the time of scheduling. If doing the You-Teach-It format, the $100 speaker tool fee is also due at the time of scheduling. A church may pay with a credit/debit card or by check. Once payment is received, MIM will ship the event package and begin email and phone support. MIM reserves the right to list scheduled events on our website.

Faculty-Led Events

A qualified, official MIM faculty member will be assigned after the scheduling fee has been received. Every effort will be made to schedule the faculty of the church’s choice, provided he has availability. The $1,000 honorarium (includes per diem) should be paid before the conclusion of the event in the form of a check made out directly to the faculty. If the church invites him to preach on Sunday or do another event, an additional honorarium may be negotiated. Any travel expenses, such as airfare and hotel, should be reimbursed within 14 days of being submitted. If for any reason the faculty must spend more than one night away from home, $250 (per additional night) should be paid to the faculty. If the church cancels or postpones an event less than 30 days before the event date, the church agrees to pay for any non-refundable airline tickets, as well as a $500 honorarium for consideration of lost opportunity.

You-Teach-It Events

The church may appoint a speaker or speakers of their choice, and MIM will provide preparation tools, including a transcript, PowerPoint template, and video clips if applicable.  MIM will also provide videos of the event being presented for training purposes only; they are not to be used as a substitution for a live event. If the church invites a local MIM Area Director to serve as the speaker, the church recognizes that he may not be an official MIM faculty member. Any honorarium should be paid directly to the Area Director’s  ministry budget (made out to Man in the Mirror with the Area Director’s Ministry ID and “Honorarium” on the memo line).

Extra Materials

The church may order extra materials at any time by contacting MIM. Prior to the event date, MIM will request a final attendance estimate, at which time MIM will ship extra Session Outlines and Follow-Up Workbooks as needed. The Session Outline and Follow-Up Workbook are sold as a set for $10 and sent on consignment. After the event, the church may ship back any unused materials out of the additional Outlines and Workbooks ordered for a full credit, provided the materials are packaged securely and received in good condition.

Event Bookstore

For Faculty-Led Events, MIM will send a package of resources to be made available for sale at the event. The Event Manual includes all the needed information for this process. MIM pays for shipping and return shipping. The church agrees to provide a volunteer(s) to coordinate the resource table during the event. Order forms are provided, as are pricing tents and an inventory list. The church is not responsible for processing credit/debit cards or depositing checks.

Comment Cards

MIM provides the church with comment cards to be distributed and collected during the event. The church agrees to share these completed cards with MIM, and in return, MIM will produce a detailed report within 30 days for the church.

Special Offers

Any seasonal discount offered by MIM applies only to the scheduling fee. Honorarium, travel reimbursement, You-Teach-It materials, and extra materials are excluded from special offers, unless otherwise stated. Paid, annual subscribers to the Journey to Biblical Manhood receive 10% off the scheduling fee. Use coupon code JOURNEY. Man in the Mirror reserves the right to remove this discount if a valid subscription is not substantiated.


All event materials are copyrighted by MIM. No portion of them (including but not limited to transcripts, workbooks, session outlines, promotional materials, logos, graphics, etc.) may be reproduced, copied, sold, distributed, published, altered, broadcast, or otherwise commercially exploited without prior written permission from Man in the Mirror, Inc.

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