Rock Solid Men

Sometimes it seems like there are no absolutes anymore. Moral relativism, political expedience, and simply trying to survive have many men feeling unstable. Trying to stand on your values and beliefs can make you feel like a man jumping from ice floe to ice floe. Each one teeters when it takes your weight, and you wonder if you will slip off into the icy water or if your footing will stabilize, at least for a while. What if you didn’t have to jump — if you could stand on solid rock instead of tilting ice? What if you could walk with confidence, even while those around you were slipping and sliding through life? What would it take to live your life like that?

At Rock Solid Men, men will explore Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, and be challenged to move toward manhood as described in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14: “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” They will be encouraged to trust God more fully as their source of courage and strength, rely on other men and love well, seek wisdom and a deeper belief in Scripture, and be both offensive and defensive when it comes to their walk with God.

The event is divided into five teaching sessions, each one followed by discussion time in small groups. During the event, men will be given an opportunity to respond to the central gospel message, as well as join a six-week follow-up group with other men.

Event Sessions:

  1. Vigilance: When I Act
  2. Faith: What I Believe
  3. Courage: Who I Trust
  4. Strength: How I Prepare
  5. Love: Whose I Am

A typical event includes:

  • Session outlines for attendees to use during the event (view excerpt)
  • Workbooks for six-week follow-up groups (view excerpt)
  • Digital access to a flexible planning manual, speaker preparation tools, and promotional graphics
  • Continual support from a Man in the Mirror Area Director
Rock Solid Men in Augusta, GA, 2016

My favorite part was learning about the attributes of biblical manhood. Thank you! I loved being here. This was an amazing experience. – C. McBride, FL

I liked that it was simple and without gimmicks — straight from Scripture and not trying to shock or play to emotion. Solid teaching based on God’s Word! – E. McIntyre, IL

The large group lessons opened my eyes to concepts and encouraged me that it is all through God’s power, not just my own efforts. – K. Tom, IL

My favorite part was the reminder that we must all stand together or we will fail alone.  The fellowship and honesty of the men at my table were highlights. I hope to grow closer with other men in the follow-up group to keep us strong. – J. Johnson, IL

I loved the humor, the material, the movie clips, and our presenter. I will be praying to have more courage, faith, love, and willingness to take risks for Christ. – R. Howe, TX

Session 5 on love was powerful; it pointed out a lot of sin and areas for improvement in my life — especially the love “gut check” we did. – C. Emerson, IL

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