The Playbook

Throughout a man’s life, he will find himself in many different seasons — he may be experiencing a time of great success, only to end up in crisis mode. And no matter what season they’re in, many men are preoccupied with worry, debt, and duties, unsure if they are really prepared for the responsibilities and opportunities ahead of them.

The Playbook wants to give men a game plan! During this fun and encouraging event, men will explore both the hidden dangers and possibilities for personal growth in the various seasons of life — and be reminded that God has a purpose for them during each one.

The event is divided into seven teaching sessions, each one followed by discussion time in small groups. During the event, men will be given an opportunity to respond to the central gospel message, as well as join a six-week follow-up group with other men.

Event Sessions:

  1. The Season of Success
  2. The Season of Reflection
  3. The Season of Suffering
  4. The Season of Building
  5. The Season of Crisis
  6. The Season of Rebuilding
  7. The Season of Renewal

A typical event includes:

  • Session outlines for attendees to use during the event (view excerpt)
  • Workbooks for six-week follow-up groups (view excerpt)
  • Digital access to a flexible planning manual, speaker preparation tools, and promotional graphics
  • Continual support from a Man in the Mirror Area Director
Rock Solid Men in Augusta, GA, 2016

Approximately five years ago, we hosted this event and invited several other churches. One church came from a small, rural community; their attendance had dropped to the point they were considering closing their doors. But they sent their men’s leader and eight other men and were able to set up several small groups from the event, incorporating men from their community. Well, the men’s ministry began to grow as the small groups flourished, and soon new families came to the church. Presently, they have outgrown their building — even with two services. Their men’s small groups are still vital and dynamic. All of this change can be traced back to [The Playbook]! – W. Fox, NY

I’ve only been to church a few times in the past year, but I came to this event and rededicated my life to Christ. I loved the discussion groups, and I’ve committed to joining a follow-up group. – R. Bovard, GA

It was encouraging to learn more about why we suffer in life and how God is here to help all of us. And I loved the challenge of what we’ll do with our “dash.” – J. Yates, IN

My favorite part was learning how the seven seasons, and specifically Building and Rebuilding, have impacted me and how I can live with a focus on what God desires. – L. Vernon, IN

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